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Here we communicate progress to stakeholders and demonstrate that the project is proceeding in a thoughtful and meaningful way. In a DMAIC project this means reviewing our findings and sharing appropriate artifacts at the end of each phase.

Lean Six Sigma Measure Phase Tollgate Template

Oftentimes a sponsor can help remove obstacles the team is facing and offer insight on how to progress. We have carefully examined the original request, understand the questions we have remaining and have a project plan that will get us to resolution. Your sponsor may be different. Good day. I would like to check the following: 1. Who performs the tollgate reviews? When does the project cycle time end? At the end of Improve? Surely the the responsibility moves from belt to process owner, and during Control phase, the process owner tacks the primary metric, and reacts to deviations through application of the control plan?

In my experience, the project manager, usually the Black Belt or Master Black Belt performs the tollgate review. The participants include the sponsor, champion, and a key steering committee comprised of key stakeholders identified during the define stage Process owners, etc. In terms of Finance sign off, remember that Finance as a department is an artificial construct of corporate organization.

If by Finance you mean a checkbook owner function who has to sign off on spend, I would imagine all phases as all phases will require spend. At the very least Define. I think the project ends when resources are best spent elsewhere. Sometimes that occurs because the project succeeded in the Improve phase as you describe. Practically speaking, some process owners will not accept the end of a project until the process is shown to be under control for some period of time. In that case the project team would still be running throughout control -for example, until whichever SPC techniques are used to clinically demonstrate the process is in control.

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How to Create a DMAIC Tollgate Presentation We have carefully examined the original request, understand the questions we have remaining and have a project plan that will get us to resolution.

Are there any externalities that might affect this initiative that we have not accounted for?

toll gate ppt

Assistance with any roadblocks or obstacles my team had encountered. What do they need?

toll gate ppt

A: Analyze Complete cost and quality analysis.Individual Value DPMO d :? Moving Range 7. There is no trend. There is a non- There is a no non- random influence random influence acting upon this acting upon this process that is process. There is no Oscillation creating clustering. Percent 60 Count. Count 50 15 6 Percent Average Expenses decrease as Sales Increase. Improve Data 30 Improve Data The spread of the data is statistical greater for completing the payroll form than the Antenna time tracking.

Net Hours Call Open the team are supplier Ticket Cycle Time backorders, lack of technician certifications and the distance from the supplier to the client site. Defects from the supplier to the client 20 site. Before for the team to confirm these suspected root causes. Vital X 5 3 Vital X 7.

Automatic Toll Gate System Using Advanced RFID and GSM Technology

No Vital X 4 Control Control. Customer service rating, employee moral, etc…. Have they validated the root causes? Has the decision been confirmed with the Project Sponsor? If so, have these changes been approved by the Project Sponsor and the Key Stakeholders? The contents hereof contain proprietary trade secrets that are the private and confidential property of Bonacorsi Consulting. Unauthorized use, disclosure, or reproduction of any kind of any material contained in this Manual is expressly prohibited.

The contents hereof are to be returned immediately upon termination of any relationship or agreement giving user authorization to possess or use such information or materials. Any unauthorized or illegal use shall subject the user to all remedies, both legal and equitable, available to Bonacorsi Consulting.

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This Manual may be altered, amended or supplemented by Bonacorsi Consulting from time to time. In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between a provision in this Manual and any federal, provincial, state or local statute, regulation, order or other law, such law will supersede the conflicting or inconsistent provision s of this Manual in all properties subject to that law. Steven Bonacorsi All Rights has trained Reserved.

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Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Uploaded by Steven Bonacorsi. Date uploaded Oct 08, The concept proposed is of automatic toll tax payment system and the amount transaction information sends to the cell phone of the motorists through the GSM modem technology.

It is an innovative technology for expressway network automatic toll collection solution.

OMG! Gangster Punished Toll Booth Staff for Asking Toll Tax - Shocking Video

In this paper, the frame composing and working flow of the system is described and data information is also easily exchanged between the motorists and toll authorities, thereby enabling a more efficient toll collection by reducing traffic and eliminating possible human errors. Authors are requested to submit articles directly to Online Manuscript Submission System of respective journal.

Nandhini 1P. Premkumar 2 Assistant Professor, Dept. Related article at PubmedScholar Google. Any structure, building or system needs maintenance and rehabilitation, which are of course costly. Highways and roads are also not an exception.

From the very past, the construction, extension, maintenance and operating costs of highways, roads, bridges and tunnels were collected directly or indirectly[1]. In the old indirect method[2], the expenses are compensated either by the tax payment for fuel or by budget allocation of the national income.

The shortcoming of this method is that a number of taxpayers, who do not use any of the roads and carriageways, have to pay extra money. However, in the other system, called direct method, the tolls are taken directly from the drivers passing that road or street.

The other three main reasons why tolling, or road pricing, is implemented are the The advances in the technologies related to wireless communication has led to the emergence of several engineering designs to aid the human requirements. Today on one side the importance for secured access is growing in several fields and on the other side with technology advancements the RFID cards and readers are becoming low cost. Both these aspects are the primary reasons for rapidly growing RFID based authentication system.

Today, several wireless technologies are used for building wireless networks. Among them the 2. The wide usage of 2. Global system for mobile communication is that it is an international standard. If you travel in parts of the world, GSM is the only type of cellular service available.

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Implementing mobile communication based health monitoring via short message service SMS. Simple wireless control device to achieve the targets, or use the GSM network technology to achieve.Nowadays, everyone is busy with their daily schedule. And the collection of the toll is one of the time-consuming tasks that cause discomfort to the public.

Automatic toll gate system uses innovative technology that provides Toll Management Solutions. This is used to make toll collection automatically hence the passengers do not have to wait in a long queue for their turn. While using this solution the vehicle does not need to stop at the gate.

The purpose behind the introduction of this solution is to avoid the fuel loss, save the time in collecting toll at the toll plaza, avoid financial loss, control traffic and also provide Parking Management Solutions etc.

The proposed method provides a time-saving solution for the toll collection and automatically control the vehicle moments at the toll plaza. This method work by placing a reader on the road and a tag is placed beneath the vehicle.

Gate models are used to open and close the gate while the vehicle entering and exiting in the toll tax unit. The RFID readers read the tag of the approaching vehicle and the vehicle information like size and model number is stored in the microcontroller based on the tag number.

The toll charge of the ongoing vehicle is automatically transferred to the toll gate system by using that unique tag number.

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The transaction information is sent to the owner through the GSM modem. This proposed method allows the passengers to pay the toll at toll plaza by making them automated. Another purpose of the automatic toll gate system includes signal breaking avoidance, vehicle theft detection, and tracking over speed vehicle etc. The tag contains antenna to enable them to receive and respond to radio-frequency queries from a RFID transmitters.

The database plays an important role in the system architecture of this Toll Management Solutions. The database is divided into three parts:. The RFID technique provides a unique identifier for the vehicles. This system contains RF module which acts as both transmitter and receiver of radio frequency signal. These RFID tags are installed on each vehicle with reading and write memory. The RFID reader reads the data from the vehicle and compares it with the data in the computer database.

The IR receivers are used to detect the location and position of the vehicle on the load cell plates. Transmitters emit the IR rays toward the receiver when vehicle cross the gate.

Global system for mobile communications is a part of wireless mobile telecommunications that include high-speed circuit switch data, enhanced data environment etc. GSM uses a method that is a combination of time and frequency division multiple access for providing best Parking Management Solutions. Switching systems are used to transmit the signals over the connection and perform subscriber related functions. Mobile service switching center control calls to and from the telephone and data systems.

Gateway is used to interconnect two networks that are using different protocols to transfer information.These steps are followed in order. But how does a Six Sigma practitioner who has completed Lean Six Sigma training know when the team can move on from e. The Six Sigma approach requires practitioners, specifically the Champion, to complete a tollgate review checklist to determine whether all the required steps were taken and all the necessary information was gathered that would allow the team to progress to the next stage.

It is called the tollgate review process and takes place at the conclusion of each phase in DMAIC framework. The tollgate review process includes a detailed list of questions to be answered at the end of each phase.

The list of questions, which we are going to discuss now, are only proposed questions.

toll gate ppt

We can amend the checklist according to our project requirements. The first question relates to the importance of the projec t. The champion would like to see the complete business case here. The business case column, in the Six Sigma project chartercaptures all critical and non-critical reasons for initiating the project. The second tollgate question relates to what the problem statement is. The champion would like to see if:.

The third tollgate question relates to project goals and benefits. The fourth tollgate question relates to the goal statement. The champion would also see if the goal statement requires any explicit internal or external approvals.

The fifth tollgate question will help the champion deep-dive into the project scope. The champion will check whether the scope is reasonable or not. The eighth tollgate question brings his attention on the project plan. The eleventh tollgate question talks about the constraints and challenges the project team might have come across. The champion goes through the list of challenges and constraints to assure the required support to the team.

Six Sigma “Improve” Tollgate Review (Plus Free Template)

The discussion and deliberation take place to ensure smooth project execution. The twelfth tollgate question of the Define phase can help the champion investigate the process of identifying CTQ s.

CTQs shall be measurable. The champion would certainly like to have a look at the data and information by which the CTQs were drawn and validated. Apart from these questions, the champion may also be interested to know the applicability and usage of a variety of tools and techniques that are normally used in DEFINE phase.

By asking all these tollgate questions, the project champion and project team will be sure that all the boxes for the Define phase are ticked before they move on the second phase of the DMAIC model: Measure. Asking tollgate questions is also a nice way to summarize the essentials of a project definition. If you did not receive, make sure you check your spam folders and add masterofproject.

What does Tollgate Review Checklist mean? What is the problem statement? The champion would like to see if: The problem statement is SMART The problem that is described in the problem statement is time-related The data has been collected to quantify the problem What are the goals and benefits of the project?

What is the goal statement? What is the project scope? What is the competency of the project team? What is the project plan? Who are the project stakeholders? What are the constraints and challenges?

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toll gate ppt

Log In Sign Up. Lean Six Sigma Tollgate Checklists. Steven Bonacorsi. Michelle Brown. Paul Docherty. Grant Crow. Cynthia Cumby. Natalie Evans. Ensure there is no mention or assumptions about causes and solutions. Have constraints and key assumptions been identified?

Are they the right resources and has their required time or Deployment commitment to the project been confirmed by Management and Deployment Team? Management System.

What are the key milestones i. What are their requirements? Stop Are they measurable? How were the requirements determined? How will they be involved in the project? How will Tollgate progress be communicated to them?

Do they agree to the project? Has the development of a risk mitigation plan to deal with the identified risks been developed? If so, System. Have they validated the root causes? What was learned? What modifications made? What are the expected benefits? What is the status? Who owns the measures? What happens if minimum performance is not achieved? Do they concur with the control plan? Review Has the team implemented the solution, and a control plan to insure the process is robust to change?

I grant permission for you to modify these templates to meet the specific needs of your process improvement project. Related Papers. By Alejandro Grande. An Overview of Six Sigma. By Boikobo Mothei. By Rick Hefner. By jiju antony.RFID is a non-contact, automatic identification technology that uses radio signals to identify, track, sort and detect a variety of objects including people, vehicles, goods and assets without the need for direct contact or line-of-sight contact as found necessary in bar code technology.

RFID technology can track movement of objects through a network of radio-enabled scanning devices over a distance of several metres. A device called RFID tag, or simply a tag, is a key component of the technology. These are actively used in RFID based access control systems implemented in offices all around. An RFID system typically consists of three key elements: 1. An RFID tag reader, or transceiver, that reads and writes tag data 3.

A back-end database that stores records associated with tag contents. An RFID reader emits a low-level radio frequency magnetic field that energises the tag. This data is decoded by the reader and passed to the local application system via middleware. The middleware acts as an interface between the reader and the RFID application system.

The system then searches and matches the identity code with information stored in the host database or backend system. In this way, accessibility or authorisation for further processing can be granted or refused, depending on results received by the reader and processed by the database. Arduino is an open source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software called sketch.

It is intended for artists, designers, hobbyists and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments. It is operated with a 16MHz crystal oscillator and contains everything needed to support the microcontroller. It is very easy to use as the user simply needs to connect it to a computer with a USB cable or power it with an AC-to-DC adaptor or battery to get started. The microcontroller on the board is programmed using Arduino programming language and Arduino development environment.

Pin 10 of the board is connected to solenoid driver transistor T1 through base resistor R1. When pin 10 goes high, T1 conducts and solenoid is activated, which means lock is opened. The module comes with an on-chip antenna and can be powered with a 5V power supply.

Some specifications of the module are listed in Table I. It works at kHz and comes with a unique bit ID. Normally, each tag has a unique ID number which cannot be changed. You can find out its unique ID through software. The software for this project is written in Arduino programming language. Atmega on Arduino UNO comes with a boot loader that allows you to upload new code to it without the use of external hardware programmer. It communicates using STK protocol. You can also bypass the boot loader and program the microcontroller through in-circuit serial programming ICSP header, but with boot loader the programming is quick and easy.

There are two sketch software codes for this application: ReadTag. Launch Arduino IDE.